Anita Duffy - BA Hons (Psychology)

  • Member Australian Psychological Society
  • Member Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry Psychology and Law
  • Registered Psychologist PS 0012706


Anita graduated from Sydney University with Honours in Psychology in 1969. She began her professional career as a vocational psychologist with the then Commonwealth Employment Service where she conducted assessments, taking into account the individuals’ physical, cognitive and psychological disabilities, and rehabilitation and training needs. Her dealings with socially and emotionally disadvantaged youth and adults equipped her with the skills to engage in assessment and report writingfor criminal matters.

In 1982 Anita left CES and joined Jeffrey Hahn and Associates after a colleague in the legal profession approached them for assistance with clients charged with criminal offences. This marked the beginning of a forensic and medico/legal practice that became Duffy Barrier Robilliard in 1992 and Duffy Robilliard (trading as Forensicology) in 2005. Anita has continued to specialise in medico/legal assessments and reports as well as preparing reports for criminal indictable and other court matters.

Her areas of interest include substance abuse, the dynamics of violence, sex offences and the interplay of environmental and intrapersonal factors in offending behaviour

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